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By 305productions, Jul 29 2017 12:04PM

Blood Myth is now listed on IMDb. Our micro-budget indie feature film now feels legit. More content will be added as the project moves towards festivals and release. Please check it out and see the full cast and crew list, of all the extremely hard working people who made our horror movie a reality. Blood Myth IMDb

By 305productions, Jul 24 2017 10:51AM

We did a really great first interview about Blood Myth with Mike over at Midlands Movies. Long time supporters of all Bearing 305 Productions work. Please check it out and the other great content they have about local indie filmmakers. Q&A Midlands Movies

By 305productions, May 19 2017 11:58AM

Sound editor Sam Mitchell has been hard at work producing a naturalistic and very atmospheric score and sound design which creates the desired tension and scares to put fear and dredd into the audience.

By 305productions, Apr 27 2017 11:46AM

After a slavish effort of sifting through all the material filmed over the different periods of shooting, cutting, re-ordering and refining, we now have picture lock on Blood Myth! Such a satisfying feeling. Great to draw a line under another completed aspect of the long production process. Now onto the next!

By 305productions, Feb 7 2017 12:59PM

And.... We're.... Finished! Filming is now done and dusted on our debut feature film, horror movie, Blood Myth. 4 blocks of shooting, completed over an 18 month period. Amazing effort and commitment from all cast and crew involved. We can't thank everyone enough. Still plenty of work ahead to get the film to the screen, but we're now damn close. Picture shows the end of the final day, with writer/ directors Sean Brown and Luke Gosling front and almost centre. More coming soon!